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Roxy Palace features MICROGAMING SOFTWARE with new slot games each month.
Play some of the UK's favourite modern video slots and classic slots.


- Double-Up on your first two deposits with bonus cash.
- £350 in total bonus chips available maximum.
- Play In £, €, CA$, AU$, NZ$, CHF, kr, zl
- Mobile and Tablet compatible.

hugh payout percentage  safe and fair

Roxy Palace is our favourite online casino for playing the superb Microgaming Slot Games.
Ongoing bonus deals are always available for regular players and it is always among the first places to feature new MG games as they are made available.
The full range of over 600 slots are available in the downloadable casino software, as well as an extensive variety of classic table games and videopokers.
The software is extremely well designed with a great interface and fast switching between the games.

These are GENUINE CASINO SLOTS - all completely RANDOM.

Each spin is not influenced by the previous one, but is a completely separate game.
The possibility of winning a jackpot is the same on every spin, even 2 in a row.
This is an important distinction betweeen real casino slots, and other pub style slots or arcade slots.
Payout percentage for online games is higher too, at around 95-98% - compared to 70-90% for "bricks and mortar" slots games.
Note - payout percentages are a long term average and will naturally vary between sessions.


new slots   videoslot

Players will never get bored with the same old games here.
New games are added frequently - often with new and interesting features and themes.
More official movie slots are coming soon, based on classic films and TV shows.

Favourite Slot Games :

Fairytale Legends

Check out this great looking fairytale themed game from Net Entertainment. Includes 5 fantastic features and rewarding gameplay. This is a fantastic looking game with slick visual effects and a nicely animated Red Riding Hood character at the side of the reel. Our favourite part is the 'Beware the Wolf Bonus' where you guide 'Little Red' through the forest towards Granny's house. Play at BetVictor or


Check out Guns n' Roses, Motorhead, and Jimi Hendrix slots - A trilogy of fine games featuring some of the most popular artists of the last 50 years.

Now playable at BetVictor and


steamtower steam tower


Another great one from Net Ent - this is an original game with a SteamPunk theme.
A bonus round involves a Victorian gentleman using a mechanical grappling claw to scale a tower to rescue the lady from a dragon.
You start of with 10 free spins, and each time the green harpoon-like device appears you climb up one level, plus 2 extra spins are added. Every third level sees the win multiplier increase. Guages at the bottom of the screen indicate what progress you have made. If you climb it all the way to the top, a special extra bonus is awarded.
This a pretty addictive game, and the bonus game was triggering pretty frequently when we tested it out. It gets pretty exciting once you reach half-way and get a 5x multiplier going, especially if you have a good few spins left.

tornado megawin


This fun farmyard game comes from Swedish developers Net Entertainment, probably the most innovative slots maker right now.
Most of their games have all-original gameplay and great design.
Not just the same old formula of grinding out 200 spins, waiting for a bonus round.

Tornado offers 2 different bonuses that are triggered frequently - around every 30 spins on average.

The TORNADO FEATURE is triggered with hot and cold symbols on reels 1 and 5, and opens up a swirling vortex that hovers over the reels, sucking up the chosen symbol after each spin to award cash prizes. Values increase as more are collected. This continues until a spin no longer features that symbol.

The STORM FEATURE is triggered randomly, and sees a thundering storm cloud descend on the reels, moving one symbol at a time, in any direction, leaving wilds in its wake, until it moves off the reels. This is a pretty exciting round, and has the possibility of some huge wins.

There is a small jackpot of 167,000 coins - £8350 at the default 0.05 setting.



Game of Thrones - This long anticipated slot is finally here, and there is good news and bad news about the game. Players might be expecting an epic game after months in development, but the end result is a surprisingly clean and minimal design with rather basic symbols mostly representing the family crests of the main Houses in the 7 Kingdoms of Westeros.
There are no characters from the HBO show, or voice clips, although the already legendary soundtrack is featured throughout. We can only assume there are licensing restrictions involved.
On the bright side, the game itself is actually a very good slot, and is pretty addictive to play in its own right. There is the chance of decent sized wins at any time - its not just a waiting game until the bonus comes along. In fact our best wins so far have came during regular play, where stacked wilds can appear on multiple reels at once.

The bonus round offers a choice between risk and reward, where you pick one of the Houses, or Clans - with various combinations of spins, multipliers and stacked symbols. The Stark House offers the most well rounded mix:
Baratheon: 8 spins, 5x multiplier, extra 3 symbol stack.
Lannister: 10 spins 4x multiplier, extra 4 symbol stack.
Stark: 14 spins, 3x multiplier, extra 5 symbol stack.
Targaryen: 18 spins 2x multiplier, extra 6 symbol stack.

The main game also offers 'regular' stacked wilds, and unusually, some good potential prizes for just 2 scatters, where one of them turns into a flaming dragon egg, and opens up to reveal a random win which can be pretty substantial at times.

The maximum jackpot is a huge 6,000,000 coins.

Check it out for yourself at Bet Victor or Roxy Palace.

avalon 2

AVALON II from Microgaming is - as you would expect, the long awaited follow up to Avalon - one of the most popular casino slots, based on the legend of King Arthur and the Round Table. There are 8 bonus games on your quest to retrieve the grail.
Begin with forging the sword Excalibur, and finish your journey in a battle with the Black Knight. A map shows the path of your progress on the bonus screen. The wizard Merlin also appears at random to add instant wins, with nice animated sequences.
Extremely high production values here, with smoothly animated graphics and orchestral music..
Highly recommended. Check it out at Roxy Palace


Flaming hot action with a rocking heavy metal soundtrack, this bad-ass slot will definitely has a sexy and alluring feel to it. There is a choice of 2 different bonuses, including a cool 'Wheel of Fire', but the best one is definitely the 'red hot' free spins, where a seductive she-devil appears and whips random reels turning them completely wild!

playboy licensed

The Playboy Online Slot offers players the chance to play an exciting game with the atmosphere of a luxury lifestyle, beautiful women and heart pounding excitement.
Unlock different bonus games and features at the officially licensed game, with various features to unlock as you play.
243 ways to win and a wide range of betting values for all budgets.

MAX DAMAGE - Only Max Damage can save earth from calamity, as waves upon waves of aliens attack once again.. Triple Scatters gain 15 freebie spins with double winnings, and when an alien appears, Max blasts them with his laser gun to reveal extra cash prizes, a nicely animated twist to a traditions bonus round. This is the follow up to the unique max Damage Arcade Slot, where you win cash in a traditional videogame style 'slot'

COOL WOLF - Check out this fun high school themed game loosely based on the eighties Michael J Fox film, of a basketball playing werewolf

HIGH SOCIETY - With a variety of glamorous looking symbols reflecting a life of wealth and fortune, this slot might just give you a taste of the good life yourself if you hit it lucky, especially in the Wild packed bonus round.

GIRLS WITH GUNS II - A sequel to the classic MG game. The fiesty female 'A Team' style crew are back with all guns blazing

watts up

DR WATTS UP - Try a few spins on this zany mad scientist game. Players can win Electrifying Free Spins, with random wild reels, and a LAB BONUS where you can combine test tubes for funny results, and random prizes. You get to accept or reject the prize up to 3 times.

The Finer Reels of Life
The Finer Reels is a classy Microgaming game, based on the same engine as the popular Immortal Romance and Thunderstruck 2. Like these games, players can unlock extra bonus games as they play. Start of with the 'Coffee and Chocolate' bonus, and work your way up to 'Whisky and Cigars', or 'Champagne and Diamonds' !!

New games are usually added every month at
Popular games recently added are the Battlestar Galactica Slot and The DARK KNIGHT movie slot - with cinematic spins and huge progressive jackpot prize.

Based on the popular franchise with a huge worldwide fanbase, the Battlestar Galactica Slot brings the battle between humans and Cylons to the world of online gaming. This game features actors and clips from the hit TV series featuring characters such as Kara "Starbuck" Thrace, Captain "Apollo" Adama, Baltar, Colonel Tigh, Capt. Karl "Helo" Agathon and Number Six.
There are three different game modes, that switch randomly, roughly every 50-100 spins. This is a fantasic addition that is sure to prove extremely popular - it's almost like three different slots in one, and adds a nice amount of variation to the gameplay.
You can unlock achievements as you play which open up new video sequences and clips, which add further interest and longevity. This game looks and sounds amazing, and offers a lot of fun exciting gameplay. The game doesn't have the biggest jackpot at the casino at 'only' 6000 coins, but this should mean that the bigger wins here pay out more often. The basic gameplay is similar to Immortal Romance, and Thunderstruck 2, so fans of these popular games will love this one also.


loose cannon   crowned eagle

Loose Cannon is a new pirate themed game powered by Microgaming software.
Nicely animated symbols include the usual pirate paraphenalia including Flagons of Rum, Pistols and Cutlasses, Treasure Maps and Chests of Booty.
The main distinguishing feature is the Wild Cannon Bonus - A ship landing in the middle reel expands - turning into a stacked wild. The boats can fire cannons left or right, turning up to 15 other symbols wild.
Great effects and music include a catchy sea shanty tune, and lots of Ahoy's and Aaarrrs :)

Crowned Eagle is a new addition to the nature themed UNTAMED series, based on wild animals.
Like the previous games, this is a relaxing tranquil game to play - a nice change from the bells and whistles of most online slots. Players can turn a reel wild for 4 spins, by collecting Eagle symbols in the slots below each reel, and there is a nice free spin round with a 'soaring wild' that decends randomly with a win multiplier attached. A nice jackpot of £90,000 is possible here.

Great Griffin - Nice effect wthere the mythical Griffin bird appears at random and swoops over the screen, turning random symbols wild..

Old King Cole - A funky update on the classic nursery rhythm. Old King Cole still sits on his throne but his bowl and pipe are now Fruity Loops Cereal and a Hookah pipe. His 'Fiddlers Three are now 3 cool female Guitarists. Nice hip-hop style riffs during the bonus round :)

Nuclear Nines and Atomic Eights - Retro style action from Microgaming software. These combine the simple action of old fashioned reel slots, with slick new effects and sounds of modern machines. Players can activate a small bonus bet for each spin, which adds higher paying symbols and extra wilds.

This ice hockey themed game offers the popular rolling reels feature where wins explode to be replaced by symbols from the position above, enabling potentially opening up even more wins - Each further win has an extra multiplier - up to 10x winnings are possible. A Smashing Wild feature also can occur at random where the reels turn icy cold, and hockey players appear to crash into one of the middle reels turning it wild - The other reels then spin for a guaranteed win! Sports fans will love the atmosphere of this great looking slot. Great animations, sounds and background music are sure to make this a pretty popular game at the casino.

PHANTOM CASH - offers a cool victorian 'steam punk' style. Thurmingham and Carstair are the stars of the slot - The Gentleman Ghosthunters who appear on reels 1 and 5. During the free spin round, they blast any ghost symbols that appear on their line, with extra multipliers applied if they appear opposite each other. Original games are always fun to play, and this is one of the better ones released recently - Phantom Cash has colourful animated sequences, cool sounds and interesting gameplay.

Untamed - Giant Panda , Untamed - Bengal Tiger

These wild animal inspired games show lush jungle backdrops, and super smooth animations. These games enable players to 'save up' for a bonus round by collecting 4 icons which appear under each reel. That reel is then held with stacked wilds in place, while the other reels spin multiple times.



Based on the classic football magazine, this soccer themed game features icons of legendary players from the last 50 years.
Pele, George Best, Kevin Keegan, Maradona, Franz Beckenbaur , Johann Cruyff etc ... All the atmosphere and sounds of a big match day reflected in this fun slot. Try to score one of the three excellent bonus games - The Trade-Em bonus where you pick football cards for prizes including 2 hidden features - the free spins bonus and the magazine bonus where you pick more prizes until a red card is found. Both these extra bonuses can be triggered during the trade-em round.

Multiplayer Wheel of Wealth Slot !!

wheel of wealth Multiplayer Community Slots are available.

The wheel of wealth bonus slot has always been a big favourite at the casino, and it will no doubt prove to be equally successful as a multiplayer game.
Your personal slots game appears at the bottom of the screen with other players above you.
Their mini-slots can be seen spinning away , with winnings flashing up for everyone else to see at a glance. A chat box appears to the right, where you can type messages to your fellow players.

Thie is Microgaming's attempt to improve the social side of slots games - making it more similar to playing alongside other players in a real casino.
It has been tried before, and has never really had much success with slots.
Whereas, the chat side of online bingo is part of its huge appeal. - this is obviously an attempt to replicate that to some extent.
One problem here is that you are playing alongside only 6 other players, so the chatscreen can be pretty sparce in comparison - only really coming alive whenever the bonus kicks in.
You can press a button to instantly switch to another room, if you are looking for a more chatty bunch of players.
This is however, the best attempt yet by MG software to make a successful multiplayer slot and can be great fun when you find a good room - and hit a good win streak too !!


Karate Pig - Great visuals in this fun 40 line game, with a cartoon style Karate expert pig. Stacked Wilds and a multi-staged bonus game, where you can battle your way throught the Pork Chop and Hammer levels to win a black belt and enter the final showdown where the biggest prizes await.. Simple fun entertainment.

casino slot riviera riches

RIVIERA RICHES - with roulette wheel bonus
This new 15 line game features a casino roulette wheel bonus, as well as free spins.
Themed around a high class French casino, symbols include a James Bond style character, beautiful women sipping cocktails, glasses of brandy, cigars and classic cars.. The RIVEIRA WILD symbol doubles all wins.
There is a stylish atmosphere with jazzy backgroup piano music.
The roulette bonus is triggered when 2 roulette wheel Scatters appear on reels 1 and 5.
You get 2 spins of the wheel. Pick a number between 1 and 36 - All corresponding roulette bets for that number are also selected, so there are many ways to win.
eg number 6 also selects evens, black, 1st dozen, 1-18, 2nd column.
If the ball lands on Zero, then 36x your bet is returned.
The jackpot for this game is 190,000 coins.

eagles wings

Multiple stacked wilds feature on many slots with EAGLES WINGS

Eagle’s Wings Slot Review

Eagle’s Wings is a 5-reel 25-payline video slot game powered by Microgaming software.
It is available at selected online casinos using this software. Microgaming has offered quite a few new games in the past month and they are already very popular among the players. If you are a Microgaming fan, check your favourite casino to see if Eagle’s Wings is among the long list of slot games offered. USA players are not accepted and this game is not featured at any USA facing casino.
The theme is the Eagle, and what it represents; North America. The United States National bird, and freedom come to mind when you think of Eagle in all of their beauty. The symbols include; Fish, Eagles, Baby Eagles, Gold Coin scatters, and The Eagle’s Wings logo as the wild. Also, standard high value playing card symbols appear, in true slot machine fashion.
The graphics and layout of this game are very similar to those found in other Microgaming powered slot games like Alaskan Fishing, for example, and aren’t quite as compelling as some other newer released slot games. Nonetheless, there will be quite a few players that find the games look to be simple and attractive.
Coin denominations vary between $0.01 and peak at $0.25, making the game attractive to many bankrolls. High rollers and modest players and those in between will find this game fitting to their personal budgets, and Microgaming kept all players in mind when creating the betting options.

Wild Symbol:
The Eagle’s Wings symbol is wild and will help create winning payline combinations by substituting for all symbols in the game besides the scatter. Not only does this symbol help create more wins for the player, it also doubles all wins it appears in. This symbol is considered a stacked wild, which means more than one can appear on the same reel at a time. A screen full of wild symbols would be the ultimate win, for any bet size.

Scatter Symbol and Free Games:
The Lucky Eagle Coin does not offer scatter payouts, however; it does initiate the free game bonus feature.
The free games are triggered by at least three Lucky Eagle Coin symbols in any position, and the player can win up to 60 free spins. Players are presented with Gold Coins to choose from, which will reveal the total number of free games that they will play. During the free spins, all wins are tripled; which could mean a 3,000 coin payout for 5 wild symbols on an active payline during a free spin, which is not that hard to land with stacked wilds. These free games can be triggered unlimited times by three or more scatters during the free game itself.


Rhyming Reels - Queen of Hearts - Videoslot with stacked wilds.
Fantastic big band jazz soundtrack during the bonus round.

Ruby of the Nile - Another Ancient Egyptian game.

queen of hearts  planet exotica


This is a fun game with a naughty theme - based inside an alien strip-club !!
Symbols include cocktails, bouncers, spaceships, piles of cash and 4 alien female characters. These exotic alien dancers come in all shapes and sizes - think the famous Star Wars cantina scene.
2 bonuses are available.
Firstly the Sneak a peek bonus - Get the Zipper symbol on reel 1 and a dancer on reel 5 to qualify.
The aim of the game is to pick letters from the neon sign to reveal items of clothing - match items to undress the dancer down to her underwear !!
There are four dancers to undress - a nice tactic to keep players playing for as long as possible :) You can win up to 50x your bet here.
The Select a Smooch bonus is rarer, and much more lucrative.
It is enabled when three "red lips" scatter signs are shown on screen.
Basically it is a free spin round with a difference - special symbols on the last two reels can add extra spins and multipliers - you can achieve up to 10x multiplier here if you have enough free spins.
This is an interesting quirky game with the potential for some huge winnings.


There are a bunch of great new Christmas slots and festive favourites up at the casinos.
Our favourite new game is 'Happy Holidays' from Microgaming which has reels full of warm festive scenes in a hand painted style. There are two bonuses including a free spin round which is worth sticking around for to be rewarded with the beautiful musical score that accompanies the spins - a wonderfully festive piece with soaring strings and choir. Sometimes you think the musicians who work here must feel their work is wasted on a mere slot machine, when some of their compositions could be perfectly suited for a big budget Holywood movie.

Other seasonal slots include Santa's Wild Ride, Fruit Shop Christmas edition, Santa Paws, Scrooge, and Deck the Halls.

Play SANTA'S WILD RIDE here !!

Every year Microsoft brings out a cool Christmas slot.
Santa's Wild Ride is the best yet, with fantastic graphics and a funky rocking soundtrack. This is one of these games where you either win big, or not at all - it can empty your bankroll in no time - we recommend playing with a small coin size.
But if you get lucky, and see a screen full of wilds and multipliers during the free spins and you will be having a very merry Christmas !!
Secret Santa has 1024 ways to win, and several novel features including '5-of-a-kind AGAIN!', where 5-of-kind-wins are held, and replaced by another symbol to give two nice wins in a row. There is a cool animation where the new winning symbols are revealed in a mini-spinning reel sequence.
Unwrap 7 different bonuses in this great looking Christmas themed slot, including Dashing Wilds, Scatter Spree, and Rolling Reels. There is a whole sackful of entertainment on offer here.
You would be having a very merry Christmas if you get lucky and hit the top prize of £115,000.
Microgaming has several other fantastic festive slots to check out, including Scrooge, where you save up your free spins for December 25.


thunder struck II

This is a major release from Microgaming software - the follow up to the beloved THUNDERSTRUCK slot - one of the most popular games at online casinos for the last 10 years.
The new version has much improved graphics, sounds and gameplay - it is based around the Viking gods - Thor, Loki, Valkyrie and Odin. The symbols have a cool hand painted style and are all nicely animated with mini-movies upon a win. There are 243 possible winning combinations.

A free spins bonus is available when you land 3 scatters to enter the Great Hall of Spins. The WildStorm bonus is triggered randomly in normal play - Some huge wins are possible here with 1 to 5 reels turning wild.. Click here for our full review of the Thunderstruck 2 game

Gamers are sure to love this Chinese themed slot featuring the mysterious Dragon lady. She waves here fan in the cool bonus game, to reveal spinning symbols. Match 3 or more of these symbols to award up to 100x your bet.
The graphics are superbly animated with hand painted style symbols - vases, fans, lanterns etc. Tiles with oriental scripts multiply and expand across the screen when they form a winning combination. A £100,000 jackpot is possible here.


A 30 payline game with featuring the character of Marvin the Magician and conjurer themed bonus games including a free spins round with up to 30 free spins and a nice 5x multiplier. The classic magicians Ball and Cup game also makes an appearance in which the player has to follow the ball closely and try to predict what cup it is under - There is no actual skill involved here though - the cups move far too fast. Random values are used instead..

This fun game involves a big 50 paylines with nice chunky symbols based around the world of the Sugar Mama - symbols reflect her fabulous lifestyle with lots of bling, champagne, personal butlers, fancy cars and of course the platinum credit cards with which she no doubt keeps her toyboys happy :)

Interesting new slot with fun cartoon symbols based on hot air ballooning. Players have the chance to win 'hot spins' at the end of your free spin bonus - with added multipliers.

is now available from all online casinos licensing Microgaming software. This is their latest big name license following the previously released Lara Croft Tombraider Slots, and the Hitman Character.

hell boy slot

Several bonus games are inbuilt providing plenty of entertainment, and the same cool sense of humour as the comic strip and movie. The random triggered Supermode offers the chance for some big prizes, with its 'sticky wild' feature, where Hellboy appears and punches random symbols with his iron fist - which then turn into wilds for the remaining spins !

WinterGold features a spinning wheel bonus involving 4 different winter sports based bonus games as well as free spins and instant cash wins.

 spin wheel bonus scrooge

SCROOGE has a great bonus feature where a calendar counts up towards Christmas Day.
After every win - a day is either added to the calendar, or a free spin is added to a counter. When December 25 arrives you get to play all the free spins, with all wins doubled. All the characters are replaced by happy celebrating figures during the bonus round. Even old Ebenezer Scrooge finally gets into the Christmas spirit !!

Kung Fu monkey features a martian arts loving ape, out to rescue baby monkey from the evil dojo in Chinatown. This entertaining game offers a three stage bonus fight level, where the KungFu Monkey, has to whack various baboons and ninjas to reach the boss level.

chinatown slot

Pure Platinum follows on the the previous range of slots featuring precious metals, and has a similar high energy dance soundtrack, dazzling graphics and shiny winning symbols.

Woolly World features a wild caveman symbol and various Ice Age creatures. Chip animals out if the ice blocks to reveal the number of free spins during the bonus feature. The Sabre toothed tiger and the Woolly mammoth symbols offer the biggest rewards.


Not health Spa, but Wealth Spa :)
This is a cool spa resort based game with 5 different bonus games based on spa treatments.
One cool feature is that the bonus games can be played at any time by redeeming the gold tokens that are collected when the symbol appears on reel 5. Collect 1 token for the Smoothie Bonus, or save up 5 tokens to cash in a round of free spins with 5x multiplier and extra wilds.

flightzone action bonus game

FLIGHT ZONE is a fast paced action slot from Microgaming with a Top Gun style rocking soundtrack and noisy explosions. There are 2 bonuses offered - a typical free spin round, and a cool 2-part bombing raid game, where you pick targets to destroy with your fighter jet.
This is an action packed exciting game, that will get your adrenaline going, especially if you see the middle reels fill up with the high paying Stacked Wild symbols.

meteors game meteors


This is a cool space explorer based slot with some really cool and cute alien characters.
Three flaming meteor symbols trigger a bonus game where you pick 3 aliens to target - each of which covers a random bonus. You can win cash, free spins, and freespin multipliers. You also get a base level bonus of 5 freespins with a 3 times multiplier, so any bonuses won is added on to that. A nice touch which guarantees at least a decent win.

Other good slots at the casino include:

HEARTS AND TARTS - Based on the childrens nursery rhythm, the Queen of Hearts is a high variance slot with some huge wins possible during the bonus when the wild symbols are stacked up on top of each other. The music is fantastic with a swinging big band soundtrack.

PRIVATE EYE - Check out this atmospheric private detective themed videoslot - Great film-noir style graphics and music reminiscent of old hollywood detective movies with Sam Spade or Philip Marlowe. A couple of nice bonuses can be obtained - A double stage Case Solving bonus where you eliminate clues to try to find the culprit, and a traditional free spin round with up to 20 free games and a nice 4x multiplier. The first bonus can also be triggered during the free spins.
Well worth a few spins.

African tribal chants form the background soundtrack to this African safari based game.
The Lion and Lioness symbols form the highest paying symbols, together with the stacked wildcard. Get three or more scattered tribal masks to gain up to 25 free spins, with multipliers ranging from 2x to 10x per spin. Fantastic looking glowing symbols and the chance to win big prizes here if your luck is in..


galaxy slot game spin to win

A cool slot with fantasy space pirate characters and a multi-stage bonus game.
Over 6 different bonus games are available as you advance around the trail.
An extra prize is awarded if you make it to the final level - an incentive to keep you playing..

arcade slots max damage


Is this a slot or not? That's the question with the new concept of ARCADE SLOTS.
There are no reels or spin buttons in the traditional sense..
This is a basic shoot-em-up style arcade game, but with a slot style concept - Instead of being placed on reels, the 'symbols' are made up of the alien spaceships that come in waves. Each enemy you destroy costs a few credits, but you win a random cash award for defeating a wave of aliens, and a bigger cash prize for taking out the boss at the end of each level.. With a bit of luck you end up ahead at the end of each stage.
Max Damage
is pretty entertaining, and an interesting and cool way to hopefully win some cash while playing a fun arcade game. You can stop playing and collect your winnings at the end of each level, or continue playing all the way through to level 9 where you do battle with the mothership.

SUMMERTIME - MEGA MOOLAH jackpot version.
The classic Summertime slot now features the Spinning Wheel MEGAMOOLAH progressive jackpot. The same jackpot was recently won for over £4 million on the original MegaMoolah slot.

Roxy Palace CASINO - Recommended UK Slots Casino

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paddy power

PADDY POWER - UK and EURO Players.

Paddy Power has one of the best slots collections for UK players.
Not just a bookies, this is one of the highest rated online casinos out there.
Simply sign up in under one minute to play online.

sky vegas

A very clean looking, well organised site with a massive range of slots from many different providers. We haven't counted them all, but it looks like they probably have the biggest range from all the UK casinos we have played at.
Games are clearly organised in categories: number of paylines, multiplayer, progressives etc And all favourites are here - Rainbow King, Call of Duty, Bejeweled, Monopoly, Wolf Run etc.. There are also some cool multi-player games including Multiplayer Cops and Robbers and Multiplayer Snakes and Ladders.
Fans of the William Vegas Slots will find a good selection here, including Wizard of Oz, Ruby Slippers, Black Knight 2, Zeus 3, Spartacus, Kiss, Giant's Gold and Raging Rhino.
There is also a first class Live Dealer casino with webcam based table games and real dealers.

PADDY POWER - New players get up to 100% bonus

UK Gaming sites

Microgaming Software is the biggest UK software provider for casinos and slots with hundreds of employees and designers producing high quality innovative games. They are especially well known for producing new slots on a monthly basis, ensuring that the games never become stale at any online casino licensing their software.

Ecogra is an independent company that stands up for the online casino player.
Any casino that is guaranteed by ECOGRA is generally a safe place to play. any disputes over games or transactions can be resolved here.

- For most people, gambling is a fun and exciting pastime - but like anything, a few people can get carried away. Only gamble with spare cash that you can afford to lose, and play within your limits. Gamblers Anonymous can offer help to problem gamblers.

Roxy Palace Casino offers a cool Vegas Style casino atmosphere with plenty of exciting games of all types. There are a huge range of Gold Series card games and also all the latest videoslots including several official licensed games based on movies or videogames.
New slots are added every single month. Fully licensed in the UK, the casino has been online since 2002 and has many thousands of loyal players who appreciate its solid and dependable reputation. Microgaming software is licensed, so slots fans in particular will love the games here.

Bet Victor - Victor Chandler's online casino. There is a great selection of popular games, and members can also play poker, bingo, or bet on sports.
Regular promotion features are offered, double-up deposits, free bets etc.
There is a good mobile option with HTML5 games if you like to play on a tablet.
The casino has an easy to navigate, clear layout.

BET 365 - Popular UK sportsbook and casino. A huge range of gambling options are available under one account. You can download the Bet365 desktop casino for fastest access to all your favourite slots and games. Or play online with an additional range of instant flash games.

bet 365 UK and EURO

Roxy Palace Casino - ENTER HERE

Our favourite place to play Microgaming Slots.
The entire range of over 600 games can be found here!
Play for free chips or real money. Good bonus offers.

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