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Wealth Spa from Microgaming software.

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Wealth Spa Slot Review

max lines = 20
max coins = 20

min coin size = 0.01
max coin size = 0.05
max bet = $20

Jackpot in regular game = 7,600 coins.
Jackpot in Free Spins = 27,400 coins.

wealth spa
Collect Gold Tokens on Reel 5 to purchase bonus games..

WEALTH SPA is set in a fancy health spa, the game has a nice relaxing feel, with chill out style music and a shimmering watery backdrop underneath the buttons.
The graphics and sounds are some of the best yet seen in a slot, with smooth symbol animations featuring mini-cartoons upon a win.

This is a slot video machine with a difference - for the first time, you can choose what bonus games to play, and when to play them.
The token collection system involves gathering gold tokens which appear in the centre of reel 5 - In a cool animation the coin spins in and out of the screen.
You can buy bonus games with your tokens, priced from 1-5 tokens each. The free spins cost the most at a full 5 tokens.

5 bonus games
You can cash in your tokens at any time.

There are 5 bonus games to pick from here:

Smoothie Bonus - pick ingredients to combine in your smoothie.
Hot Stone bonus - the stones rearrange themselves to form a winning amount.
Body Wax bonus - Rip, pull or tug - to reach a higher score on the Screamometer.
Bath oil Bonus - A 'pick till pop' type game where you choose bath oils with cash values.
Massage bonus - Free Spins Game with added hot spots for extra spins.


The number of coins collected appears above the reels. In the screenshot above, 3 tokens have been collected. The game saves the number of tokens, even if you are disconnected or log off.


Five bonus games gives a lot of entertainment value - It's fun to try all the different games.
It is also possible to save up your tokens and play a bunch of different games at once -
You could choose to play 5 Smoothie Bonus games in a row, instead of taking a risk with the free spins for the same price - It's your choice with WEALTH SPA.


When we tested the game out, we seemed to collect a golden token on reel 5 on average every 100-150 spins - so it can take quite a while to save up for the free spins if that is your favourite type of bonus. Also being free spins, you have the chance to a big prize, but also the chance of a poor round if you are unlucky
We found the Body Wax Bonus the best compromise, to win a good sized prize.


A relaxing game with good entertainment value. Although the jackpot isn't huge, this usually means that you have a better chance of winning a decent sized smaller prize.

We recommend you download the casino software to play this and other new games, instead of playing online with flash casinos.
The new Viper software downloads the game automatically.
Once it is on your hard drive, you won't have to wait for the slot to download each time you play - something that is more important with bigger games such as Wealth Spa, which use more disk space than older games with basic graphics and sounds.

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